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Enhancing Audio in Phone-Recorded Videos

Often the easiest thing to use for recording is your phone. And it’s actually quite amazing the quality of the video that most phones can record now with proper lighting and a steady stand.

But audio is often a different story. It’s not always up to a musician’s standards. To get studio quality audio, I’m afraid you’ll need studio quality mics and a DAW. But there’s a quick trick you can use to improve or sweeten your phones audio.

Here’s how:

Record your video. Then import it into a video editor and choose to “export audio”. There’s a different tool for this in every program, but it should reasonably easy to find in your help section. Once you have the audio, import it into Garage Band or your multitrack editor. Apply some EQ, reverb and other effects that you think help it sound more studio-esque and then save that export that new “enhanced” file. Return to your video editor, add the enhanced audio as a new track. Make sure that it’s sync’d with the previous audio and then mute the original. Export your video and you’ll have something that’s quick and easy to share with friends that sounds better than most phone recordings. Here’s an example of a video created by a friend of mine that I used this technique with. I should note that another one of my friends did this with Garage Band and was able to import the video directly and make tweaks all in one program. So it sounds like Apple has an even easier way to do this. I’m a PC user so I haven’t been able to test it out.

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